how did this start??

maybe some of you are asking: why did she go to sweden? why not to an other country??
so I'll tell you the story :P hehe..
I've always loved sweden.. why? sweden is THE COUNTRY for playing floorball or as it's called here innebandy. The sweds are the best and so my dream has always been going to sweden and playing in a club there. Of course I first thought I'll do this after my school career but then a family's friend did an school exchange to mexico. My first thought was "that's great, that's exactly what I wanna do". I wanted to get new experiences, experiences which I'll remember for a lifetime. But what about my favourite thing on earth (floorball)? I didn't want to stop it. So I decided to spend my exchange in Sweden. Aditionally I didn't want to do what everyone is doing and since I've been to sweden before, I knew that the combination between the big city and water is really nice. Especially in Stockholm.
So I was looking for the perfect exchange organisation. AFS, Rotary etc. but all the organisations offered only a whole year in sweden and that's not what I wanted to do. I've nearly given up my dream when I suddenly heard of the organisation STS. I filled in all the papers, met the responsible persons with my parents and I received the letter, that I'm allowed to go to Sweden in August 08. I was sooooooo glad :) :) :)
Then it was time to wait until they got the right family for me. 4 weeks before I was supposed to fly I finally got my hostfamily which is called Elinder with 6 children between 15 and 31 and a gorgeous house some minutes away from the capital of Sweden (Stockholm) It was better then I've ever dreamed!!!!
From this day I had 4 weeks time to do all the things I wanted to have done before I left, to say goodbye to all my friends, to get in contact with the hostfamily and to pack all my stuff. My leaving date was the 16.8.08 I'll write about this special day later :)


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